The Stanford GSB Big Ideas Club disseminates, discusses, and debates ideas that can transform our world. These may be 5 years away or 50, they may be unproven or inevitable, but all are united in their potential to change lives, industries, and institutions

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    The GSB Big Ideas Club is open to graduate students currently enrolled at Stanford University

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    1. Click on the "Join Now" button on the Big Ideas' CardinalSync Page
    2. Pay annual membership dues through the Big Ideas' Eventbrite page

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    Stay ahead of the trends that may transform the world in the next 5-50 years and the blue sky they open for Stanford entrepreneurs. Join the Big Ideas Club..

  • Leadership Team

    Alexandra Manick

    Co-President & CFO (2016-2017)

    Alex graduated from MIT in 2012 with a B.S. in Materials Science & Engineering and a humanities concentration in Theater Arts. As a student, she researched polymers for total hip & knee replacements at the Harris Orthopedic Lab of Massachusetts General Hospital; and, tutored part-time at the MIT Office of Disabilities. After graduation, she worked as an engineer for 1366 Technologies Inc., an MIT spin-out solar energy start-up, where she investigated various methods for reducing metallic impurities in multi-crystalline Silicon.

    Matt Hollingsworth


    Matt studied high energy physics, performing his research at CERN as part of the team that discovered the Higgs boson. Afterward, he co-founded a startup (Global Dressage Analytics); proposed, won, and managed projects for the Department of Defense; provided technical leadership for a telecom analytics startup (Deepfield); and did product management for Internet of Things applications (Samsung). Nowadays, Matt is working on finding new ways to improve healthcare through technology.

    Anna Chukaeva


    Anna likes giant paper snails, balloons and rainbows. She also thinks that sometimes 42 is enough. If you are working on human CAD, interstellar trade or saving Siberian tigers or a language, please contact me.




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    Answers to common questions

  • Sponsorship

    We are a student-led and funded club and cannot sponsor or financially support any projects, individuals or events however amazing and potentially world-changing they are.

    Meeting Stanford GSB Applicants

    If you are applying to Stanford GSB and are specifically and genuinely interested in Big Ideas, please get in touch. However if you are just looking for a touch point on your application essays unfortunately we won't be able to help.

    Non-Stanford membership eligibility

    As an official university student club we are not permitted to admit members who are not currently enrolled at Stanford University